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ISR Questions

What is ISR?

Infant Swimming Resource's Self-Resuce program, teaches children from 6 months to 6 years of age how to survive if they were to reach the water alone. Unlike traditional swimming lessons, ISR's survival swimming technique is a product of over 45 years of research and development, and is the safest approach to survival swimming in the world. Focused on your child's stage of development and readiness, each one-on-one ISR lesson is customized to your child's abilities in the water. ISR has a worldwide network of certified Instructors and has delivered more than 7 million safe lessons. As a result, ISR is proven to save lives - with over 800 document cases where children have used ISR's techniques to save their own lives.

What makes ISR different?

Infant Swimming Resource offers the safest survival swimming instruction method available. Lessons are taught in a customized, one-on-one lesson environment, and foster the
development of swimming and safety in infants and young children with ISR’s proprietary Self-Rescue program. With over 45 years of research and development, highly trained certified Instructors committed to safety, and a proven history of success, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the best possible instruction in the world today.
An important distinction between ISR and other programs is our emphasis on safety before, during and after lessons.

  • Prior to beginning lessons, your child’s unique medical history is reviewed by a team of medical professionals to identify any potential health issues
  • that may affect your child’s lessons and safety.
  • During lessons: ISR’s protocols have allowed for more than 7 million lessons to be safely delivered by individually certified instructors.
  • Parent education: Your child is not the only one learning during lessons. ISR’s program includes comprehensive parent education on aquatic safety and drowning prevention.

What are the ages that children can participate in ISR lessons?

Children may begin lessons at 6 months of age until 6 years of age.

  • Lessons for a 6-12 month old focus on teaching the child to roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe, and to be able to maintain this life- saving position until help arrives.
  • Lessons for children 1-6 years old focus on teaching the swim-float-swim survival sequence. Children learn to swim with their head down; roll onto their back to float, rest, and breathe; and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool, where they can either crawl out or until they can be rescued.

Why are lessons only 10 minutes long?

ISR lessons are taught 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 4-6 weeks. The scheduling of this lesson sequence is based on many years of research, proving that teaching infants and
young children in a one-on-one setting, in 10-minute increments, is the safest and most effective way to teach survival swimming.”

Tell me more about "BUDS"

Prior to each lesson, parents receive BUDS (bowel, urine, diet, sleep) forms. This sheet tracks the unique physiology of each child, including bowel movements, frequency of urination, diet and meal-times, and the duration of every sleep episode in a 24- hour period. Before each lesson, the ISR Instructor will review the BUDS sheet, ask the parent further questions if necessary, and then individualizes the lesson for the infant or child. The BUDS sheet provides a safe, efficient and individualized lesson for each child.

Will by child be traumatized?

In no way is an ISR lesson traumatic. ISR has collected data on its more than 200,000 students, and constantly monitors the health of each child prior to and during lessons to
maintain the highest of safety protocols and standards. We have had doctors, psychologists, nurses and other trained medical professionals trust ISR Instructors to teach their children survival skills.

How do ISR lessons work

Infant Swimming Resource’s proprietary Self-Rescue survival swimming program is a 4-6 week course, scheduled 5 days per week, Monday through Friday, for 10 minutes each day. With a focus on safe, customized, one-on-one lessons by certified Instructors, ISR’s survival swimming lessons emphasize health, ongoing program evaluations and parent education to deliver the most effective and safest results in the industry.

How did ISR originate?

Founded in 1966, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), with it's Self-Rescue program, is nationally recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. With over 45 years of research and development, highly trained certified Instructors committed to safety, and a proven history of success, parents can rest assured that their children are receiving the best possible instruction in the world today. ISR’s mission, “Not One More Child Drowns,” is the foundation of everything we do and is the driving force behind ISR’s employees, our independent ISR Instructors, and our major corporate partnerships. We believe the successful prevention of the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 4 in the U.S. will require a large group of caring and capable professionals whose sole focus is to save lives. To date, we have delivered more than 7,750,000 ISR Self-Rescue lessons and saved more than 800 lives. ISR believes pool fences, supervision, and pool alarms are important parts of a necessary multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. However, traditional lines of defense break down, and the over 4,000 drowning deaths per year bear a grim testament to the fact that traditional approaches are missing a key component: the child. Children are curious, capable, and have an uncanny ability to overcome obstacles like pool fences; at ISR we take that ability and teach them skills to potentially save themselves if they find themselves in the water alone.